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Key factors when negotiating partnership agreements in Washington

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Business Law |

Joining forces with someone to launch or expand your business in Washington can significantly increase the probability of success. However, it is vital that you thoroughly go over the details and conditions of this type of arrangement along with your potential partner to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes down the line.

Property ownership

A business partnership means you have something to bring to the table, whether physical or intellectual. Before beginning negotiations, ensure that everyone involved has a firm grasp of who owns what and how those items correspond to the ownership stake in the company, following Washington business law.

Roles in the business

When creating a partnership agreement, it is important to clearly define each partner’s roles and responsibilities in the business. Also, it may be beneficial to include provisions for decision-making authority, financial obligations, liability insurance and other related matters.

Financial management

Partnership agreements should also include detailed financial guidelines for managing the company’s assets and liabilities. For instance, define who is responsible for handling payroll, issuing checks and managing the yearly budget. You also want to set borrowing limits and require any partner withdrawing money from the business to provide appropriate notice and documentation.

Conflict resolution methods or techniques

No matter how great your relationship is with your partner, disputes are bound to occur. So, if you want to handle conflicts amicably and promptly whenever they arise, include a provision in the agreement outlining how to resolve them. This could involve using mediation, arbitration or another dispute resolution option that you both agree on.

Termination clause

Lastly, your partnership agreement should include a termination clause that outlines when and how you will end your relationship. For example, you can state the required notice period if one of the partners wishes to exit and how you’ll fairly divide your assets in case a dissolution occurs.

Negotiating an effective partnership agreement in Washington can create clarity and trust between you and your business partner. This can help ensure that your company runs smoothly and that both parties benefit from the arrangement.