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At Lovik & Juhl, PLLC, our attorneys handle complex disputes involving trusts, estate administration and probate. We can represent both plaintiffs and defendants in Seattle and the surrounding area. As trial-tested litigators, we have demonstrated again and again that we are more than capable of securing favorable verdicts or last-minute settlements on behalf of our clients.

TEDRA: What To Know

In 2000, Washington legislators passed the Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act, or TEDRA, to address dispute resolution involving estate and trust administration. If you encounter an estate or trust conflict but do not want to resort to a lawsuit, you can file a TEDRA petition with the court. TEDRA provides a guideline for timely, cost-efficient dispute resolution without litigation. The parties involved sit down to reach mutually satisfactory, legally binding solutions. If these discussions do not succeed, a neutral arbiter issues a final decision.

Do You Truly Need A Lawyer?

We cannot overstate the importance of having an attorney to represent you in a TEDRA claim, pre-trial negotiations or litigation. Many people hope that family bonds will overcome the strain of an estate dispute, only to watch the estate’s assets slowly drain as the conflict drags on. The sooner you have a lawyer to advocate for you, the closer you are to a resolution. Our team comes up with innovative solutions designed to get the results you need in as fast and cost-efficient a manner as possible.

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