Lovik & Juhl, PLLC offers a broad range of Litigation services to Businesses and Individuals. Our attorneys routinely appear in the State and Federal courts throughout Washington. Lovik & Juhl’s Attorneys are committed to providing personal attention, professional representation, and sound advice to clients during every stage of a litigated matter. Our litigation philosophy is characterized by our commitment to provide the best solution for our clients in a cost-effective manner. From the initial filings throughout discovery and into mediation/arbitration or trial, we remain staunch advocates.

The Following are Litigation Issues our Attorney’s Routinely Handle:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Collection Matters
    • Auto Loan Deficiency
    • Student Loan Recovery
    • Uninsured Motorist Subrogation
    • Open Account / Receivables Management
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Shareholder/Member Disputes
  • Temporary Injunctions/Protection Orders
  • Real Estate Transactions
    • Surplus Fund Recovery
  • Construction Law
    • Materialmen’s Lien
    • Construction Defect Defense

Lovik & Juhl, PLLC are members of NASP, and are YGC compliant.  All matters are maintained and tracked electronically.  We are willing to meet the technology needs of our clients.

Furthermore, Lovik & Juhl currently accepts claims through the following forwarders:

Lovik & Juhl, PLLC practices in an ethical and efficient matter.  Our procedures ensure compliance with all local and federal laws surrounding the pursuit of all claims.